National Honor Society

DeLaSalle Chapter

The purpose of the National Honor Society is to stimulate the desire to render service, create enthusiasm for scholarship and to develop character in the students who are members. Those individuals who accept the invitation for the National Honor Society must work throughout their junior year to fulfill the requirements of scholarship, leadership, service and character. Throughout this candidacy they are carefully monitored, and in the fourth quarter of their junior year those who have successfully demonstrated the ability to be members of the National Honor Society are formally inducted into the Society.

The main function of the Society’s service is to tutor students who are experiencing academic difficulty. These are primarily freshmen, although students in other levels may request a tutor and will be accommodated whenever a tutor is available.

The National Honor Society meets monthly and members tutor students three days each week for 40 minutes per day, beginning in October and continuing through May. Additional time is utilized on planning events and conducting trips for the Society’s members and assisting at school functions such as Open House.

Membership is principally based on:

SCHOLARSHIP– The quality of knowledge shown by a student; standard of academic work.

LEADERSHIP– The position or guidance of a leader; the ability to lead.

SERVICE– The work done or duty performed for another or act of giving assistance to others.

CHARACTER– The pattern of behavior or personality found in an individual; moral strength; self-discipline.