Junior Julia Escarez Attends Space Camp

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This past summer, junior Julia Escarez was one of 5 students from New Jersey chosen to go to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. The program, sponsored by the Scholarship Fund for Inner City children selects top students from Hudson and Essex County and sends them on the once in a lifetime opportunity. 

While still unsure of her future plans, Julia does have an idea of what she will end up studying. “I do know that I want to do something in sciences, “ she said. “Spacecamp was a good idea for me.  I was able to meet and make friends with people that came from different parts of the country as well as people from different parts of the world. We were given the chance to experience a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities that I’ve never done before.”

Julia is one of Hudson Catholic’s most active students. In addition to being a scholar in the Dual Enrollment Program, she stars on the soccer field and is involved in Math Club, Spanish Club, DaVinci Art Society, and works in the bookstore. “Hudson Catholic is my second home,” she said. “I’m here all the time and being here helped me grow and try new things. I’ve pushed myself to try things I’ve never done. “

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