De LaSalle Scholars Program

The De LaSalle Scholars Program is for our high academic achieving students, who are also capable of managing the rigorous curriculum of honors and AP courses. Typically students are admitted into this program through the Freshman Application process. Students may be asked to join the program after careful review of their 9th or 10th grade report card. All De LaSalle Scholars are awarded an academic scholarship of at least $1000.

Requirements for 9th Grade Entry:  Students must have an “A” average for 7th and current 8th grade report card upon application. Students must score 70% or higher on the COOP entrance exam.

Requirements for 10th or 11th Grade Entry: Students must have an “A” average in all core subject areas.

Requirements to Maintain Status in the De LaSalle Scholars Program: Once a student has been admitted into the program, he/she must maintain an 85 average (“B”) in all core subjects. Students who do NOT maintain this average will be removed from the program. Students who are removed from the program will no longer be eligible for their academic scholarship.