Advanced Placement and Honors Course Policy

Advanced Placement and Honors Courses are designed to meet the needs of students who want an advanced college preparatory curriculum and have a high level of responsibility, interest, aptitude and achievement. These course principles and concepts are explored in greater depth, and more independent work is expected of the student.

At Hudson Catholic Regional, registration for Advanced Placement involves several steps:

  1. The student must meet the prerequisite requirements,
  2. The student must read and agree to our AP policy, and
  3. The student must be recommended for Advanced Placement by his/her current teacher within the department.

It is important that students make careful decisions about course selection as it will impact the
academic schedule, teacher assignments, and hiring. Once a student has selected an AP course, he/she may not drop the class.

The following conditions must be agreed to before a student may register for any AP course:

  1. AP courses are college level courses and require considerably more homework and studying than an honors course. Work will be assigned and will be graded accordingly.
  2. No student will be registered for an AP course unless he/she meets all prerequisites and has obtained both teacher recommendation and AP teacher approval.
  3. Any student who registers for an AP course during registration will be required to remain in the course until the completion of the course.
  4. Students enrolled in any AP class will be required to take the AP exam in the spring. Students who need financial assistance when registering for the AP exam should see the AP coordinator, Mr. Phil Gazzale, Dean of Operations.
  5. Please be aware that prerequisites are instituted not to keep students out of a class, but to provide students with a solid foundation to be successful in a class.

Currently, there are twenty such courses:

AP English
AP American History
AP European History

Honors Comparative Literature
Honors American Literature
Honors British Literature
Honors World History
Honors U.S. History 1
Honors Spanish 1
Honors Spanish 2
Honors Spanish 3
Honors Algebra 1
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Trigonometry / PreCalculus
Honors Calculus
Honors Biology 1
Honors Chemistry
Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology
Honors Physics