2019 Scholarship Information

Dear Senior,

In the spaces below, please provide the information for each scholarship you were awarded, whether you intend to attend the school or not. This information is used to calculate the total amount of scholarship money offered to our graduating class.

In the first column, provide the name of the school or scholarship that was awarded. DO NOT include Federal Pell Grants or State TAG awards. These should only be grants and scholarships offered by the school or independent organizations, not federal or state awards.
In the second column, indicate the amount of the award. Please record the amount of money as indicated in your award or acceptance letter.
In the third column, please note if the award is renewable for each year or if it is a total amount awarded. If the the award is renewable, please type in the word “renewable” if it is a total award for one year, please type in the word “total”. DO NOT leave this column blank.
To add additional spaces click the plus sign in the circle at the end of the row. This will add an additional row, so you can provide all of your scholarship and/or grant awards.

A special note for Student-athletes:
If you were awarded a full NCAA athletic scholarship, please write the name of the school, NCAA and the sport. For example: FDU – NCAA – Basketball; and provide the total amount for tuition, room and board for your chosen school in the second column. Also note that this is a renewable scholarship.
If you were awarded a partial athletic award (NCAA Div II or non-NCAA sport) simply list your award amount as a separate scholarship. For example: S. Conn State – Div II – Football ; and provide the amount awarded in the second column. Also note that this is a renewable scholarship.

The table should only be completed if you were offered any amount in scholarships or grants from ANY college, university, or organization. If you did not receive any scholarship funds, please check the box indicating that you were not offered any scholarship or grant awards.

Please see Mrs. Johnston or Miss Ward in Student Services if you have any questions.

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