Hudson Catholic strives to include technology in every aspect of our students education. The goal is for graduates of Hudson Catholic to be fully prepared to responsibly participate in the global usage of technology. Students are preparing for Students are exposed to technology through the following:

1:1 Computing: Every Hudson Catholic student will be assigned an iPad 4 for their use throughout the school year. The iPad will be an integral part of the classroom and student services experience at Hudson Catholic.

Apple TVs: Classrooms at Hudson Catholic are equipped with Apple TVs allowing teachers to project anything directly from not only their iPad, but from the iPad of any student in the classroom.

Epson Bright Link Projectors: Classrooms at Hudson Catholic are equipped with Epson printers which allow teachers to record information on the board and push the item to their class electronically.

Learning Commons: The Hudson Catholic library has been recently transformed into a learning environment which allow students to comfortably use their iPads

Computer labs: Hudson Catholic has computer labs equipped for usage by any class.

Level 3 SMART Classroom: Our Biology lab is a level 3 SMART classroom, allowing for fully technological integration for our Honors Human Anatomy and Genealogy/Histology courses.