Adobe Creative Cloud Comes to Hudson Catholic

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We are happy to announce the launch of the award-winning Adobe Creative Cloud suite of design applications for all students and faculty at Hudson Catholic! All students will receive these apps (typically valued at $350-$1,000 per year, per user) at no cost. This strategic partnership gives our school community access to 21 cutting-edge technology apps that will allow creation of a wide range of digital content, including graphics, video, animation, and illustration. “The value to our students as learners is both in the development of a deeper understanding of curriculum through creative work, as well as through the opportunity to acquire next-generation skills that will help them grow as students and (ultimately) professionals.”, noted Mr. Christopher Johnston, Director of Technology.

On November 20th, students received an email from Adobe inviting them to activate their Creative Cloud license – and to begin using the full suite of apps right away!  Each student will be allowed to download Adobe Creative Cloud apps to two (2) devices of their choice (i.e, laptop, desktop, etc.).  “We are excited about the opportunities this will present to our students and faculty especially as it helps to enhance their creativity and increase our students career possibilities.” stated Mr. Richard Garibell, President/Principal.

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