Prompt, regular attendance is absolutely essential to academic success.  The parent/guardian is expected to foster these good habits in the student both for the benefit of the student’s current academic achievement and to encourage mature adult behavior in the future.

Parent/Guardian must call the Main Office at 201-332-5970 between 7:00-8:30 AM to report absences.

On the day of return to school, the student must bring the Hudson Catholic Absentee Note explaining the absence.  Notes are brought to the Main Office by 8:00 AM on the date of the return and a pass is issued to the student, which is delivered to his homeroom teacher for admittance. A student who returns to school without a note will be given a one-day grace period to bring it to school.  After the one-day grace period, the student will be assigned detention until the note is provided.  Absences of five (5) or more days need a doctor’s note to return, in addition to the Absentee Note.

Absentee Note