The Soaring to New Heights program enables benefactors and local businesses to help families overcome the challenge of paying for a Hudson Catholic Regional High School education. Through this program, you can help provide the resources needed for a child to attend Hudson Catholic. In doing so, you will not only make a dramatic difference in the life of a child, but also serve as an example of the individual development and responsibility to the community that is the hallmark of our mission statement.

How does the Soaring to New Heights program work?
Your tuition contribution will be utilized to defray the cost a student’s tuition. Included in the program is the opportunity for the donor to become a mentor to a student of their choice.

Who benefits?

Those students who want the advantage of Hudson Catholic education, but who need financial assistance will benefit most directly from contributions towards tuition assistance. Indirectly, the entire Hudson Catholic community will share in the benefits of monetary contributions. With less of our budget dedicated to tuition assistance, we will be able to add directly to our academic programs. The additional benefit for the donor is the satisfaction of knowing their compassion has made a real difference in a child’s life.

How can I support a Hudson Catholic student?
One of the many ways a donor can support a student is through sponsorship where you partially or fully fund the tuition for one or more students. In addition, we offer the donor an opportunity to provide mentorship through a time commitment that involves planned meetings several times a year and monthly contact via phone or email. This mentorship is an option that the donor may consider.

How do I contribute?

Soaring to New Heights provides several levels of gifting, as well as options for payment. Simply select the option from the category that best suits you:

Gifting Levels: Options include annual donations of full tuition (Gold) for a student ($9,200.) or of a variety of gift levels beginning at $250.
Payment Options: Contributions can be made monthly, quarterly or annually. Donors can pay by check, credit card or PayPal.
Employer’s Matching Gift Program

How can I find out more information concerning the Soaring to New Heights program?

Anyone interested in becoming a donor can receive more information by contacting Richard Garibell, President/Principal, at (201) 332-5970, Ext. 13.