Mr. Richard Garibell, MA President/Principal
Mr. Philip Gazzale, BA Dean of Operations/Supervisor of Instruction
Mr. Chris Johnston, MS Director of Technology/Funded Programs/Benefits
 Mr. Jeffrey Knapp, MBA Director of Institutional Advancement
Mr. Nicholas Mariniello, BA Director of Athletics/Facilities
Mr. Terence Matthews, MA Dean of Students/Director of Curriculum
Mr. George Mihalik, BS Director of Admissions/Public Relations
Ms. Laura Sanchez Administrative Assistant
Ms. Jocelyn Villanueva Administrative Assistant
Ms. Laura Alvarado Administrative Assistant
Ms. Dilma Cirino, AA Business Officer
Mr. Fernando Colon, BA Tuition Manager
Mrs. Veronica Conover, MS School Counselor
Ms. Renee Johnston, MS School Counselor
School Nurse 
Mrs. Anatilde Armenante, BA
Mr. Robert Astudillo, MA
Ms. Meredith Bader, BA
Ms. Paulina Biason, BA
Ms. Cynthia Bielskie, MA
Mr. Anthony Bongiorno, MA
Ms. Maria Ferdinandi, MA
Mr. Michael Grace, BA
Ms. Suzanne Hennessy, BA
Ms. Shannon Hoffman, BA
Ms. Jennifer Johnson-Tiongson, BA
Deacon John Karal, BA
Mrs. Lisa Matrale, MA
Ms. Debra Lucas-McGady, MS
Mr. Anthony Marmora, BS
Mr. Frank McGady, BA
Dr. Patrick McNamara, PHD
Ms. Alicia Pineiro, BA
Mr. Ivan Prensa, BA
Ms. Melissa Rosales, BS
Ms. Anna Schreiber, BS
Ms. Larisa Zharova, MS